Hi Lions,

As I understand it - my last send came without some key information included (I attached the beautiful poster for the event , and some of you have accounts that block that type of thing ; my apologies).
At any rate --- here are the scoops.

Please   check in with your section leaders   (now) that you are available, and they in turn will notify me.

This is the time to please attend all rehearsals   !
There is new material, Jorge & Rodson will be here rehearsing and performing with us the following week, Summer is sadly bye bye, cool stuff is coming, and it's time to samba.
Be there. Noon - 3 pm. Bahia Brasil Center. You will be surprised at how many are arriving on time now.
(D and I will be back from touring and playing at this, and the next few shows).

So first :
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International Dance Festival

- Featuring an evening of Indian, Cambodian, Irish, South & Latin American, Middle Eastern, & Scottish Dancers

OHSU Library Fundraiser
Friday, October 9, 2009
OHSU Auditorium (up on the hill ... directions below)

Performances run 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (please arrive by 6:45 pm at the absolute latest - enter at stage door artists entrance : I will provide them
with a list of names once you have checked in : we do a short set featuring 1 SambaRio piece, and hopefully the new Samba Afro choreography from CBC.
Depending ... we might participate in the big finale as well.
Parking will be marked by signs.

KOIN TV's Christine Ferreira is the Master of Ceremonies

Pre-festivities begin at 5:00 pm and include international food, jewelry, crafts, and art from international and local venders
Tickets are $10.00 ... $7.00 for students and seniors

*** I will get a limited number of seats for this show : if you are interested in seeing the entire performance - let me know. 
It is first come, first served *********

Sponsored by the OHSU Global Health Center and OHSU to improve the study areas in the OHSU Library

For more information or to order tickets call 503-494-3460
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Coming :

The Wonder Ballroom, Saturday October 17, 2009 - Brazilian Extravaganza w/ Jorge Alabe, Rodson Jesus, Capoeira Regional, Z'Bumba (and still - maybe more)

Club 503 Anniversary Party, Friday October 23, 2009

Dia De Los Muertos Parade, Sunday November 1, 2009 (we are sponsored by The Someday Lounge, and it is a much bigger and more organized event this year)

Trailblazers half-time show : start, or early in the season ( we may work up a requested arrangement and do the pre - game national anthem - same night)

*Details for all above to follow*

Thanks to all,