The Lions of Batucada were founded in 1996 by Director, Brian Davis along with co-founder Derek Reith and major assistance from Andrew Hartzell.

The group has studied with, among others - Mestre Jorge Alabe (Godfather of the Lions), Boca Rum, Bruno Moraes, Michael Spiro, Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, Mark Lamson, Alex Rangel, Marcio Peeter, and Curtis Pierre. 

Our dancers have studied with, among others - Rosangela Silvestre, Paula Reis, Anna Laidley, and Tanya Rodriques. 

A majority of the group has traveled in Brazil, both for educational opportunities with the most famous escolas and blocos, as well as participation in and/or enjoyment of Carnaval.

Over the past ten years, the Lions have performed for an enormous variety of audiences - from opening act engagements with David Byrne and Sean Lennon, at Rose Festival Parades and World Cup Soccer matches, combining with acts as diverse as Fishbone and the Portland Summer Symphony with Michael Harrison, to collaborations with Pink Martini along with the Oregon Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic, including appearances at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Hollywood Bowl, and in a recent concert with famed rock group, Aerosmith.

The Lions offer weekly classes in samba music and dance, have sponsored numerous dance and music workshops featuring international artists, conducted team building seminars for corporations, founded and direct the Ainsworth Elementary School 130 member Jr. Escola, and provide samba based residencies, lectures, and demonstrations for various regional schools and universities.

Brian Davis, director
Randy Givens, co-director
Derek Reith, co-director
Sheyla Mattos, dance director
Renata Secco, dance director
Donna Oefinger, dance director
Pauline Serrano, assistant